• Mariam Velijanashvili

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    Mariam Velijanashvili, MD

    Zhvania Central Child Hospital, Epilepsy & EEG Monitoring Dept., and the Georgia National Association for Palliative Care, Tbilisi, Georgia

    Fellow, International Palliative Medicine Fellowship Program, Institute for Palliative Medicine at San Diego Hospice

    Mariam Velijanashvili

    Dr. Mariam Velijanashvili completed her medical study at Tbilisi State Medical University in 2006, with the degree of MD, with the diploma and certificate of General Practitioner, and her secondary study at the Faculty of Foreign Languages of TSMU in 2004, with the diploma of a translator/interpreter.

    Mariam is a young neurologist, whose interest in palliative medicine began in 2008, when she became involved in GNAPC (Georgian National Association for Palliative Care). As a neurologist, Dr. Mariam is strongly motivated to develop the field of neurological palliative care in her country. In 2010, she also participated in the edition of the new textbook of palliative care in Georgian language, contributing the chapter “Palliative Care for Neurological Patients” to the edition. She has also been involved as an active member in the work group for developing the new action plan for palliative care (2011-2015) presented at the Parliament of Georgia for governmental funding.

    As a member of GNAPC, she is involved in home-based care for present. Dr. Mariam also has a second profession as a translator, and works at public relations office of Tbilisi State Medical University. As a translator, she participated in the edition of a renewed textbook of Medical Biology intended for students of Tbilisi State Medical University in 2007.

    Georgia National Association for Palliative Care

    Acitivities Mariam is Involved With

    • Teaching English and EPEC-O at the monastery
    • Residency in Neurology
    • Administrative work at Georgian National Association for Palliative Care
    • Working in epileptology and clinical neurophysiology
    • Translation of medical materials
    • Translating EPEC-O and other PC materials for future teaching of nurses

    Key Accomplishments

    • Translation of “Palliative Care for Neurological Patients” for new edition of PC textbook in Georgian (October-November, 2010)
    • Participation in drawing the Palliative Care Action Plan for 2011-2015, for Georgian government (November, 2010)
    • Completing the 6-week practical course in epileptology and EEG monitoring at Nervenklinik Wagner-Jaurreg, Linz, Austria (May-June, 2011)

    Selected Presentations

    • Implementation of Palliative Care Educational Courses in the Curriculum of Medical School – The First Georgian Experience. T.Rukhadze, T. Alibegashvili, T. Kezeli, I. Abesadze, M. Velijanashvili, D. Kordzaia, Georgian National Association for Palliative Care, Palliative Care Unit at National Cancer Centre of Georgia, Faculty of Medicine of Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
    • Drawing up a Methodology for Creating Geriatric Palliative Care Model Tailored to Georgian Reality. D. Kordzaia, T. Rukhadze, S. Dalakishvili, M. Velijanashvili.
    • Integration of Palliative Care in Georgian National Health Care System (Past, Present and Future Challenges). Kordzaia Coordinator of Palliative Care National Program, GNAPC; Mariam Velijanashvili, MD, GNAPC; Barcelona, May, 2011

    Selected Resources

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