• Mission

    This site has been created for the purpose of becoming an aggregation point for the various existing sites, and not as a substitution of them.
    It is very important for us to create a network of Active Partners, such as foundations, university, research centers, medical and civic associations, support groups, awareness, opinion and discussion groups and newsletters or any other news organization covering the subject whose function is to be been linked to our site and helping to establishing a deeper penetration and presence in the cyber-world.

    We have two primary functions:

    the Humanitarian and the Scientific.

    • The Humanitarian is providing assistance through a worldwide network of professionals in the interpretations and assistance in cases of all kinds of pain including the rare forms that can afflict a patient.
    • The Scientific  is for the purpose of  divulging the latest news, discoveries and developments to the community.

    Additionally, in our forum we intend to discuss themes such as the relationship between music and pain; and the different prospective of the pain in all its forms from different philosophic and moral points of view.
    If you agree to become a partner we will be happy to display your logo with a link to you.
    We are not looking for financial donations but  to help suffering people.

    Prof. Guido Fanelli; Parma Italy.

    Prof. Giustino Varrassi; L’Aquila Italy

    Leonardo Zangani; Flemington USA.