• Personhood, the Soul, and Non-Conscious Human Beings: Some Critical Reflections on Recent Forms of Argumentation within the Pro-Life Movement

    by  • 10 November 2011 • Pain News

    Personhood, the Soul and Non-Conscious Human Beings: Some Critical Reflections on Recent Forms of Argumentation within the Pro-Life Movement. Life and Learning XVII, (Conference Proceedings of University Faculty for Life, Villanova University June 1-3, 2007), 277-304.

    This article explores a certain foundational problem I sometimes detect in some recent Prolife argumentation and usesĀ Altered Nuclear Transfer-Oocyte Assisted Reprogramming (ANT-OAR) as an example.


    This paper has grown out of concerns that I have about the way in which some pro-life arguments have been developing recently, and it is written in a spirit of frank dialogue with those whom I consider allies. I present three basic problems within some prominent contemporary pro-life argumentation, all three of which are rooted in a general tendency towards relying on empirical science in an increasingly exclusive way as the foundation of those arguments. The three problems that I touch on are: a neglect of the role of God in human procreation, a neglect of the dignity of women, and a neglect of understanding personal being.

    Please visit University Faculty for Life where this paper was first presented and published. The paper is reposted here with permission and in exact image format for citation purposes.



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